“Hey, isn’t that Sharon from level 5?”


As the number of recorded cases of Coronavirus surge in Australia, more and more people are being required to enter self isolation.  According to Sharon from the accounts team at Mirvac she claimed to experience symptoms similar to that of the ‘black lung’.

“It’s really scary, I sent her a get well soon card,” said a Janice from HR.

“Although, she will need to ensure her sick leave is fully recorded with the appropriate doctors certificates in accompaniment,” Janice followed with swiftly.

However, it appears Sharon has been caught red-faced after being spotted on the night-time news, not ‘self-isolating’.  This has lead to further investigation by Janice from HR.

“She look’s healthy to me,” “I mean this is almost certainly a punishable offence under section 5.A of Mirvac’s new coronavirus pandemic policy,” said Janice.

“Calm down Janice..” Said Luke over Janice’ shoulder.

More to come…


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