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How Tradies Have Been Affected By Supply Shortages

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Tradies are currently facing issues all around the industry, from getting new workers and vehicles, to supply chain shortages and increasing fuel prices. As a result, many small businesses are struggling to balance the number of projects coming in with the lack of materials and manpower. Fortunately, for those looking to get their trade business on the road, ute hire companies such as TradieSpec offer reliable alternatives to help transport workers while balancing their budget.


Global industries are still struggling to cope with the impact that the pandemic and general instabilities have had on the supply chain. In particular, the supply chain disruptions and lack of automobile parts have continued to negatively affect the car making industry. Shortages in microprocessors and chips have made it harder for new vehicles to be made, increasing their price and the time taken to deliver them to dealers.

Moreover, a material shortage has led to many tradie businesses, especially construction workers, being unable to complete their jobs. This has had a massive strain on budgets due to overhead costs; Timber products are expected to run out in Australia in a few weeks unless alternative sources are found.


Global instabilities and sanctions have resulted in spiking fuel prices. Furthermore, the reopening of borders in certain countries has meant air travel resuming, increasing fuel scarcity for road vehicles. If you need to travel long distances or regularly between jobs, this is a particularly pressing issue. Despite a fuel excise, prices are still predicted to rise above $2/Litre for both petrol and diesel utes. Of course, while a diesel tradie ute may have better fuel efficiency, this is unlikely to offset the increased travel that workers are now finding themselves doing because of labour shortages.


The pandemic has had a sweeping impact on the Australian workforce. With changes to worksite health policies, the lack of overseas workers and the general infection rates amongst workers, it comes as no surprise that tradies are one of the largest groups that have been affected by labour shortages. This has led to significant delays in projects, especially when compounded by the supply shortages which have left the remaining workers overworked and pressured. A lack of labour has also led to an influx of underutilised vehicles, adding an unnecessary cost for many small businesses.


With all these factors, it’s clear that tradies, especially those running their own small business, need some relief from this pressure.

TradieSpec is a ute hire company in Sydney that is well-equipped to meet the needs of this group of workers. Companies such as TradieSpec are reliable sources of vehicles for tradies on a budget, providing vehicles that have all the specifications required for a trade worker, whether you’re in construction, plumbing or electrical repair.

Among the services offered, FlexiRent utes are the perfect choice for tradies currently. Flexible contracts with registration, insurance and maintenance included offer freedom for businesses looking to navigate the issues that are currently plaguing the industry. Moreover, with new ute prices still high, Rent-to-own utes are the ideal alternative to buying a vehicle outright, with no credit checks and easy payments to help manage other aspects of your business. Single-cab & dual-cab utes are options with petrol and diesel engines provided respectively.

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