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How To Maximise Your Rental Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency

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With the cost of living rising, many of us will be looking to save money where possible. This is especially true for tradies, who have faced hardship over the past few years due to several external factors. Whether you’re an electrician, plumber or carpenter, fuel efficiency is essential when renting a work vehicle for your business. Reducing fuel costs can significantly impact your budget, especially if you operate with a fleet. That’s why our team have put together some of the most valuable tips to help you maximise fuel efficiency when using a rental vehicle for your job.

Tips For Maximising Fuel Efficiency

You can significantly improve your rental vehicle’s fuel efficiency by considering a few of these points and incorporating them into your driving habits.

  1. Picking Out The Right Vehicle

As a tradie, choosing the right vehicle for the job is essential. Consider factors such as vehicle size and shape, as these can have a major impact on fuel consumption, depending on whether it is a ute, van or truck. Moreover, the fuel type can also have an effect, with diesel engines regularly outperforming petrol when it comes to fuel efficiency for work vehicles.

  1. Checking Tyre Pressure

Adjusting your tyre pressure is a simple yet effective way to improve fuel efficiency. Underinflated tires cause more rolling resistance, leading to increased fuel consumption. We recommend habitually checking tyre pressures and ensuring that they are inflated at the correct levels. This not only saves fuel but can also enhance vehicle handling and safety.

  1. Minimise Vehicle Loads

While it always pays to be prepared when it comes to your tools and equipment, unnecessary loads can also increase fuel usage. Organise and declutter your vehicle storage, removing any items you won’t need for the job. Also, remember that towing any load will inevitably affect fuel efficiency, so ensure that you follow the other tips in this guide to minimise consumption.

  1. Changing Your Driving Style

Safe and smooth driving is a skill that every tradie should keep honing. Beyond the increased risk of an accident, aggressive driving can also lead to poor fuel efficiency. Gentle acceleration, maintaining a consistent speed and avoiding unnecessary braking all contribute to an improved fuel economy.

  1. Keep Idling at a Minimum

Unless you’re stuck in traffic while travelling to and from the job site, we recommend turning off the engine if you plan to sit in your vehicle for an extended period. Idling wastes a large amount of fuel, even without the vehicle moving. Over time, this wasted fuel can amount to exponential costs from needing to refill your tank regularly.

Making The Most of Your Tradie Rental Vehicle

Maximising your rental vehicle’s fuel efficiency can play a big role in cutting the costs of running a tradie business. This is on top of the work travel expenses you’ll save by choosing a flexible rental contract from TradieSpec. We offer a wide range of work vehicles with on-road and maintenance costs covered, tailored to help tradies get back on the road. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

At Tradiespec, our mission is to help tradies across Australia with insights and advice to drive your business forward. Whether it’s tips on vehicle selection, how to manage your fleet or insurance information, we’ve got you covered.

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