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Introducing The Next-Gen Ford Ranger To Our Ute Rentals

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In the past few months, TradieSpec has expanded its offerings to include a few more work vehicles that are sure to satisfy tradies’ needs. One of these options is the Next-Gen Ford Ranger, the newest model in a longstanding line of tradie utes for Aussies. In fact, when it comes to the most popular work vehicles in Australia, the Ranger is only second to the HiLux. This is thanks to its stylish design combined with comparable performance, making it a great option both on and off roads. If you’re looking for a great new addition to your fleet, we offer ute rentals that can be fully customised to suit your business.


How Does The Next-Gen Ford Ranger Look

TradieSpec currently offers the Next-Gen Ford Ranger XL as part of its ute rental options. This is a solid and reliable package that includes new features perfect for getting tradies on the road. When it comes to the design, the Ford Ranger XL differentiates itself from its predecessors and competitors with:

  • New black grille and halogen daytime running lamps
  • 16-inch steel wheels
  • Coast-to-coast instrument panel
  • Ebony black interior finish
  • 50mm increased track width and wheelbase

Overall, the Next-Gen Ford Ranger continues to take inspiration from American pickup trucks, with a muscular yet sleek body that reflects its capabilities.


How Does This Tradie Ute Perform

The Ford Ranger XL is a workhorse, with reliable performance thanks to its range of standard diesel ute builds.

If you’re looking to hire the 4×2 model, this includes:

  • A 2.0L Turbo Diesel Automatic Transmission Engine
  • A maximum power rating of 125kW
  • Maximum torque of 405Nm
  • A maximum braked towing capacity of 3500kg.

However, if you regularly work in urban areas as well as sites with rougher terrain, then consider the standard 4×4 model. This option offers the same performance but with the capability to switch between the two drive modes depending on the situation.


How Practical Is This Ute For Tradies

Our dual-cab Ford Ranger XLs are equipped with tubs that make them ideal for carrying taller items and fit seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. Other practical features include:

  • A wider tub that can fit ‘Euro’ sized pallets (1,200mm x 800mm)
  • Rear box step that allows for easy and safe access to the cargo area
  • Clamp pockets at the end of the tailgate allow you to hold timber or tools on the workbench.
  • Hidden mounting points for easy accessory fittings.
  • 1-inch touchscreen with a wireless connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

TradieSpec also offers several ute accessories and services that cater directly to tradies, ensuring that you get the most out of your vehicle rental.


Hire A Next-Gen Ford Ranger At TradieSpec

At TradieSpec, our Next Gen Ford Rangers are another offering that gives tradies a cost-effective solution to get their business on the road.

So, if you are currently in the market for a new ute, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote on flexible rental services!

At Tradiespec, our mission is to help tradies across Australia with insights and advice to drive your business forward. Whether it’s tips on vehicle selection, how to manage your fleet or insurance information, we’ve got you covered.

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