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The Top 5 Trades That Benefit From Ute & Van Rentals

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As a tradie, having the right tools and equipment is essential for getting the job done with minimal interruptions. This is why you need a reliable form of transportation to get these valuable parts of your business to various job sites safely. Thankfully, ute and van rentals offer the ideal solution for getting your business on the road. Flexible contract terms, reliable service and security are just some of the ways this option can help. Moreover, with interest rates and the cost of living continuing to fluctuate, it may be time to reconsider outright buying a new work vehicle. Here are the top five tradies that would benefit most from hiring a work vehicle for their business.

1. Electricians

Electricians often need to move around various specialised tools and materials such as ladders, conduits, wiring and electrical testing equipment. These items are often quite large or too awkwardly shaped to fit in a standard car. Moreover, the cost of this equipment is usually high, making it risky to not have extra security or insurance. Ute or van rentals offer vehicle accessories such as ladder racks or toolboxes that allow electricians to store their tools safely and securely.

2. Plumbers

Like electricians, plumbers have a variety of specialised materials that need to be transported to their job sites including pipes, fittings, and fixtures. Utes and vans are specially designed to take on heavy loads, making them the perfect option to move common items such as water heaters without fear of damage. Features such as flatbeds and tie-down points allow plumbers to secure these loads and ensure proper safety procedures while on the road.

3. Landscapers

Working as a landscaper means needing to handle large and sometimes dangerous tools such as mowers, trimmers and chainsaws. This is on top of the various materials such as fertiliser, bags of soil or even full plants that need to be moved around. The expanded cargo areas of utes and vans allow for easier transportation of these tools and equipment, saving time and increasing productivity on the job.

4. Builders

As one of the most demanded professions in the tradie industry currently, construction workers can greatly benefit from renting a ute or van for their business operations. The expected advantages include features such as larger and safer storage spaces for equipment and building materials. These vehicles are also often designed with 4WD capabilities, allowing for easier movement on job sites that have rough terrain. In addition, the flexible contract terms of rentals mean that you can have the vehicle for as long as the project lasts.

5. Painters & Decorators

Painters and decorators often find themselves on the road constantly, making an efficient and reliable means of transportation essential. With a variety of brushes, paints and decorating supplies, being able to organise all this equipment and material in one ute or van is certain to make jobs flow smoother. Tradies can also transform these vehicles into their own mini office on the road. Equipping a work vehicle with a desk and laptop will make performing administrative tasks and invoicing quicker, increasing productivity. Moreover, rental companies such as TradieSpec allow for business signage to be placed on the vehicle, pending certain terms and conditions. This is a great way to advertise your business, especially while you are travelling on the road.

TradieSpec’s Ute and Van Rentals

Having a ute or van has become synonymous with being a tradie in Australia. Whether you’re an electrician or a painter, there are several benefits to including these vehicles as part of your business. Contact TradieSpec today for enquiries about our work vehicle options.

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