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Tips To Consider When Choosing a Ute Toolbox

ute with toolboxes

Trying to keep all your work essentials neatly organised and accessible always seems like a hassle, no matter how many years you’ve been in the industry. Fortunately, ute toolboxes have proven to be a reliable solution, keeping your essentials from sliding around in the back tray and securely tucked away when you’re clocking off for the day. Lockable toolboxes mounted onto the ute tray provide numerous benefits to keeping your day-to-day work moving smoothly. If you’re in the process of hiring a ute, here are some of the most important points to consider when adding toolboxes.

Types of Toolboxes

Ute toolboxes usually come in two main styles: Cross boxes (also known as saddle boxes) and chests.

  • Cross boxes – These are the most traditional forms of toolboxes. They span from one side of the ute to the other, floating above the tray and providing space underneath to place more items.
  • Chests – These toolboxes are sat on the floor of the ute tray, offering more space for tools but taking up room in the tray itself. They also come in simpler designs and are easier to install, bolting down to the floor.


As a tradie, the tools & other accessories that you own are the most valuable possessions for your business. Replacing lost or stolen tools can affect your budget and delay the work that needs to be completed, creating further issues. Thankfully, ute hire companies such as Tradiespec offer heavy-duty lockable toolboxes to give you peace of mind when leaving work essentials unattended.

Weather Protection

Many ute toolboxes are usually designed for weather resistance, featuring seals to prevent rain, sand and other elements from entering and damaging the contents. However, the material used to make the actual toolboxes plays an important role in overall weather protection. Steel boxes are well-renowned for their strength & durability. However, if your work constantly takes you near coastal areas, rust and corrosion can become a pressing issue once the paint wears out. On the other hand, Aluminium toolboxes are rust-resistant and are much lighter, making them easier to move when the entire tray space is needed.

Extra Storage Spaces

Ute toolboxes are well-designed to meet the needs of tradies, usually featuring extra elements to make storage and organisation of tools more efficient. These include shelves, drawers, trays and more to keep accessories organised and prevent them from moving around while driving. This also means less time is spent before work searching for the tools that may have shifted around.

Replacement Vehicles

One of the most common reasons for hiring a ute is usually related to needing an accident replacement vehicle. If this resonates with you, chances are your original vehicle also probably had a place where you stored all your essentials. When considering a replacement vehicle, the correct specifications are crucial to getting your trade business back on the road. These features can include ladder racks, tow bars and toolboxes. Having a safe storage space for your possessions can also alleviate the pressure from waiting for your work vehicle repairs. Tradiespec provides accident replacement vehicles that come fully fitted to keep expensive tools safe.


Toolboxes are an important accessory for utes that have multiple benefits when it comes to getting trade businesses on the road. Aside from storage solutions, toolboxes provide a degree of protection for your valuable possessions, ensuring that your work continues uninterrupted.

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