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Top Tips To Consider When Hiring A Ute

top tips to consider before hiring a ute

Carrying all the tools and materials that you need for the job is a common problem that every tradie faces. Thankfully, utes have continued to provide the perfect solution for work transportation over the decades. They are a mobile equipment shed for your business. Space-saving, cost-efficient and reliable. These are just some of the reasons why utility vehicles have always been a great fit for the tradie life.

However, buying a new ute outright can be a daunting prospect. This is especially true if you’re looking for a brand-new model or one that is fully equipped for your needs. Fortunately, ute hire companies provide the perfect solution for helping you manage your budget while keeping your work uninterrupted.

Here are some helpful ute hire tips to consider for helping get your business on the road –


Maximise Your Ute’s Potential

Ute hire companies have a wide range of vehicles in their fleet, perfectly suited for tradie crews of all sizes. This means less time searching a ute that fits right in with your work needs. For instance, Tradiespec utes come as a single cab or dual-cab model, each with differing bed sizes and passenger capacity. The Toyota Hilux Workmate in our fleet has been a mainstay of the tradie ute market for decades. This is thanks to its versatile offering of cab and ute bed sizes as well as comfort & reliability. Having the perfect fit will ensure that work utes don’t go underutilised and help you manage your budget accordingly.


Choosing Between 4×2 & 4×4 Utes

If you’ve been in the tradie business for long, then the topic of the 4×2 ute versus 4×4 ute has probably come up in many discussions. In most cases, a 4×2 ute is enough to get you through most of your day-to-day business, especially if you’re working in city or suburban areas. The lighter weight means being able to fit more in the ute bed and can also save on fuel costs in the long run when compared to 4×4 utes. Of course, if your work commonly takes you to extremely isolated areas where roads are non-existent, then a 4×4 ute is still the best choice thanks to the drivetrain. The extended torque also gives the vehicle an easier time towing ute loads up and down steep inclines. Regardless of the ute, Tradiespec is here to assist you with picking out a vehicle that matches what you’re looking for.


Spec Out Your Ute

Whether you’re a one-man crew or part of a team, keeping your ute load protected is always at the forefront of your mind. Chances are, you already have a range of straps and ropes ready to secure these items. Fortunately, ute hire companies like Tradiespec can also assist in this process. They’ll provide heavy-duty lockable toolboxes, roof racks, caddy shelving & more, depending on your needs. These can be a great addition to your already existing tool organisers as well as helping save on any potential damage costs before your rental period is completed.


Find A Ute Hire Company With The Right Services

There are several ute hire companies in the business, however, only some will offer the services you’re looking for as a tradie specifically.


1. Accident Replacement Vehicles

If you’ve been involved in an accident or your current ute is facing mechanical troubles, then you’re probably looking for a replacement vehicle as soon as possible while repairs are being conducted. After all, work interruptions can affect how you make a living. Luckily, Tradiespec provides accident replacement vehicles that come equipped with the right specifications to minimise work disruptions until your ute is repaired or replaced.

Not at Fault in an accident? Tradiespec provides like for like replacement Ute rentals that are paid for by the at fault’s insurance company.


2. FlexiRent Utes

Rather than locking you into a finance loan, Tradiespec provides a flexible month-to-month rental for our utes for hire. With a minimum 3-month term, you can hand vehicles back when they are no longer needed. If you need the ute hire for longer, then simply lengthen the contract as required. Hire single cab utes from $356 per week or dual cab utes from $408 per week.


3. Rent to Own Utes

Making regular rental payments towards owning a ute is a great feeling. If you’re searching for a new ute but don’t have the income to buy one or want to allocate that budget elsewhere, then Tradiespec’s contracts are a perfect alternative. The rent-to-own service requires no credit checks & approval is given in minutes.  You can rent single cab utes from $329 per week or a dual cab ute at $389 per week and own them at the end of 48 months.

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Preparation and proper research are crucial to getting your trade business on the road. Choosing the right ute hire company can provide several solutions tailored to helping tradies in their day-to-day work.

For reliable ute hire, get in touch with Tradiespec at 02 9533 2393 and drive with peace of mind.

At Tradiespec, our mission is to help tradies across Australia with insights and advice to drive your business forward. Whether it’s tips on vehicle selection, how to manage your fleet or insurance information, we’ve got you covered.

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