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How Tradies Are Facing Labour Shortages & High Demand

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Australia is facing a construction boom, with thousands of homes and buildings newly built or renovated post-pandemic. This has led to more calls for tradies to work on these projects, in bricklaying, carpentry and roofing. However, the job market is struggling to meet these demands due to supply shortages and a lack of skilled labour. Fortunately, companies such as TradieSpec are well-equipped to help tradies throughout this uncertain period. They offer specialised rental vehicles to help keep trade businesses on the road with a balanced budget.

Why There Are Tradie Shortages

While there has been an increased demand for tradies, the job market continues to see shortages across the board. These shortages can be linked to the lack of skilled migrant workers and the increased drop-out rates for apprentices. In fact, a recent report revealed that over 50% of apprentices drop out before completing their course.

Poor wages, conditions and workplace culture are the main reasons that have been highlighted. Supply shortages, delays from poor weather and rising fuel costs for tradie vehicles are also factors for this labour shortage. As a result, tradespeople are struggling to either find work or complete their projects.

Increased Tradie Job Initiatives

With a lack of skilled tradies, job websites such as Seek continue to receive substantial listings to meet the increased workloads. This has led to the number of open positions far outpacing the applications received. Moreover, these labour shortages have led to some construction companies cutting certain parts of their budget or shutting down completely.

To alleviate these pressures, companies and the government have proposed several initiatives to attract Australians to become tradies. In particular, the Queensland government has made large-scale moves encouraging tradies to move to the state. Their “Tradies in Paradise” scheme offers a monetary incentive for eligible workers across the country (except NSW) to relocate and assist in flood reconstruction work. Complementing this is another program that provides scholarships and support to encourage tradies to become teachers. This is with the hopes of educating and interesting younger people into becoming tradespeople.

How TradieSpec Can Help

TradieSpec was started with the sole purpose of providing tradespeople with vehicles tailored to their specific business needs. Our flexible rental vehicles are the ideal solution for trade businesses looking to balance their budgets during this period and offer the freedom to continue travelling to jobs.

Tradie Rental Tip: With registration, insurance and maintenance included, Flexirent vehicles provide an extra safety net for businesses trialling younger employees and apprentices.

Our Rent-to-Own vans and utes also offer businesses another avenue of long-term investment. With no credit checks and easy regular payments, it won’t be long before you have a fully specialised vehicle for your needs.

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