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Tips For Maintaining Your Rental Tradie Vehicle During A Job

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All tradies know that your vehicle is essential for your job. Whether it’s a ute, van or truck, losing this transportation for a short time can reduce your productivity and impact business in the long run. Like any piece of equipment that you use, regular maintenance will extend its lifespan and ensure that work remains interrupted. Renting a work vehicle for your trade is a great option, but taking care of it is also essential to avoid any damage or additional costs. That’s why we’ve put together some tips for maintaining your vehicle during a job.

1. Do a Quick Check Up Before Getting In

If you’ve been a tradie for long enough, this may already be a daily ritual, but it’s still an important step to remind yourself to keep the vehicle in good condition. Before getting on the road, a quick inspection can reveal any issues with your tires wearing out, whether the lights and signals are still working and if the fluids (oil, coolant, transmission, etc.) are at normal levels. Any of these problems can affect the vehicle’s performance and reduce productivity while on the job.

2. Keep The Vehicle Clean

As you drive from job site to job site, it’s easy for dirt, dust and other debris to accumulate on your tradie vehicle. Left long enough, this can corrode the vehicle’s surface or damage specific components such as the air filters. Make a regular effort to wash your vehicle and clean out any rubbish that has built up inside. A clean vehicle will not only maintain its performance but also helps to make a great first impression with potential clients.

3. Secure Your Tools & Equipment

Depending on your specific trade, you may need to transport a wide collection of tools & equipment during the job. Secure the essentials to prevent them from sliding around and damaging the vehicle’s inside. We also recommend using toolboxes to keep your various pieces easily accessible and deter potential theft or weather damage.

4. Be Mindful Of The Maintenance Schedule

Many vehicle companies offer maintenance services as part of the rental agreement. To avoid the risk of breakdowns during an important job, following the recommended service intervals for various components is essential. This maintenance can include oil changes, air filter replacements and brake inspections. Fortunately, at Tradiespec, the cost of your rental vehicle also covers registration, insurance, and maintenance, giving you the peace of mind to continue working.

Maximise Your Tradie Vehicle Performance

Regular maintenance should be a priority for any tradie that uses a work vehicle as part of their business. By following these tips, you’ll be able to ensure that this vital piece of equipment remains in good working condition for the entirety of your rental period. TradieSpec provides clients with a wide range of reliable and efficient work vehicles that come fully maintained with comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. Get a free quote on our flexible rental contract terms today!

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