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Which Accessories To Add With Your Tradie Rental Vehicle?

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As a tradie, your ute or van is essentially a mobile office for your business. It’s where all your tools are located and what most of your clients see when you arrive at the job site. Adding the right accessories and specifications to your vehicle, can ensure that your tradie business stays on the road while transporting items and crew smoothly. It’s always best to consider your own job requirements, but here are some general accessories and equipment to help make the most of your rental vehicle. With TradieSpec’s flexible rental services, you can expect a vehicle that comes fully customised for the needs of your day-to-day work.



This is particularly useful if you work in multiple locations and need to move between them regularly. Find the best route to the job by simply having a GPS on hand in the ute or van. If there are multiple crews driving your tradie vehicles, this accessory will also allow them to operate more independently and help your business optimise workflow. Most modern mobile devices and vehicles have a built-in GPS and provide indicators for places such as petrol and service stations. A good GPS can take a lot of the stress away from moving between jobs.


Seat Covers

Protecting the seats of your tradie vehicle is just as important as keeping the loading space safe from damage. Items on the seat, such as toolboxes or materials, can rattle around and cause damage. This is especially relevant when driving on work sites such as construction areas where the roads may be rougher. Use seat covers to prevent tearing and help avoid the potential damage bill. If you’re hoping to rent to own your ute or van, this is an especially important point to consider. Covers can also protect against accidental food and drink spills during your lunch break, while adding an extra touch of comfort for the journey.


Roadside Assistance & Insurance

Have the peace of mind to continue working with minimal disruptions by investing in roadside assistance. This assurance can help you better plan your finances without worrying about repair costs. Companies such as TradieSpec offer 24-hour roadside assistance with all their tradie vehicles. This is combined with registration, insurance and servicing being included in the rental costs.


Ute Tray & Van Accessories

Fitting accessories onto your tradie vehicle will ensure that the items in the back are secure. Specifications such as lockable toolboxes, ladder racks and tow racks will organise all your work essentials and prevent them from rattling around your ute tray or van cargo area. Tying down large items such as planks or boards with ropes will also guarantee extra security. It is a legal requirement in NSW that the load on any vehicle must be loaded in a way that does not make the vehicle unstable or unsafe, be secured so that it’s unlikely to fall or dislodge from the vehicle and be restrained by an appropriate method. By organising your vehicle storage spaces, you’ll also be able to quickly find the right tools for the job. TradieSpec’s ute and van rental services include several options to help ensure that the specific needs of your trade are met.

Tradie Ute Rental Tip: If you’re looking to rent a ute, also consider the differences between steel and aluminium trays and how they’ll affect performance.


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