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5 Tips To Maximising Storage Space In Your Tradie Rental Vehicle

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A common issue that every tradie is sure to have faced during their career is how to fit everything they need into their rental vehicle. Transporting all the necessary tools, equipment and materials can be quite the challenge, especially with the variety of job sites that you may need to visit regularly. Efficiently packing your rental work vehicle not only maximises storage space but reduces the risk of damage to the often quite expensive items that need to be carried. As your mobile office, having an organised storage space also ensures that your work continues with minimal interruptions. Here are some of the best tips to help you make efficient use of the space in your tradie vehicles.

1.   Pick The Right Vehicle For The Job

As a tradie, many of us naturally gravitate towards the ute as the vehicle of choice when it comes to transport. It is the classic Australian workhorse, capable of towing trailers of dirt on the job site and your boat or caravan during the weekend. However, depending on the current job or trade, there could be a work vehicle that better suits your needs. Consider the benefits and disadvantages of a ute or van for storing all your supplies. Ensure that your vehicle can properly handle the demands of the job while keeping all of your items safe.

2.   Plan Ahead With A List

Before beginning to load your vehicle, take some time to plan out exactly what is needed for your upcoming job. Taking stock of all the required equipment and materials will ensure that you don’t forget to bring something or pack extra weight that could have been used for another situation. Making a list allows you to prioritise the items based on importance to the job. This also makes it easier to allocate how much space each piece of equipment or materials should have.

3.   Pack Heavy Items First

When organising your storage spaces, start by loading the heaviest items first. This can include larger materials, power tools and other equipment. These items should be placed on the floor and towards the front of the vehicle to ensure a balanced weight distribution and continued stability while driving. Remember that it many states, including NSW, it is a legal requirement for any load to be packed in a way that it does not make the vehicle unsafe, and for it to be restrained by an appropriate method.

4.   Install Vehicle Accessories

Rental vehicle services such as TradieSpec offer the choice to install optional specifications that suit the needs of your job. Vehicle accessories such as ute toolboxes are a tradie’s best friend when it comes to maximising storage space. They are the perfect solution for organising all of your smaller tools in one place and keeping them easily accessible. These accessories also ensure that the items remain secure while driving, meaning less time searching for that one screwdriver when you need it.

5.    Leave Enough Passenger Room

While it may seem obvious, remember to leave enough space for you and any other passengers to sit comfortably. Avoid overloading the vehicle to the point where it covers your field of view while driving or has the potential for items to spill and become a safety hazard.

By taking these tips into consideration, you’ll be able to maximise the available space in your vehicles, increasing work efficiency in the process. Contact TradieSpec today for a free quote on flexible vehicle rentals with the necessary storage solutions.

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