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Ute Vs Van: Which Tradie Vehicle is Right For You

ute and van tradie vehicle

Are you a tradie looking for a new work vehicle to keep your business on the road? Then you’re probably deciding between a ute or a van. Both are reliable workhorses that will serve the typical tradesperson quite well for several years. However, each also has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the requirements of your job. Fortunately, at TradieSpec we offer both ute and van rentals that come fully fitted to handle the specific needs of your business. That’s why we’ve also put together a handy guide to help you come to a decision.

Benefits of Utes

  • The openness of ute trays makes it easier to access your cargo from the sides and back.
  • Unless you opt for a canopy, the ute tray has a higher loading height capacity than vans.
  • The ute tray being separate from the driver’s cabin means not needing to come into contact with any hazardous fumes from your cargo.

Disadvantages of Utes

  • Unlike vans, ute loads will remain unprotected unless you place your items in a secure lockbox/toolbox. If required a canopy or cover can be used, however, this also restricts the capacity of the tray.
  • Likewise, unless covered, your cargo will be exposed to the weather such as rain and wind. This is especially dangerous for taller loads which must be secured carefully before driving.
  • Some ute models have large wheel wells which reduce the amount of cargo space that the tub has.

The ute has been synonymous with the Aussie tradie for decades, and it’s for a good reason. They have a cheap entry price, work well both on and off roads and can be easily customised to suit your needs. If you’re in the construction field, farming or just looking for crew transport, the ute is the ideal tradie vehicle for you.

Benefits of Vans

  • They are completely closed vehicles which increase the security of your load and keeps it weatherproof.
  • Sliding doors and lower loading height also mean you’ll have an easier time lifting cargo into the van, especially if they are heavier.
  • Vans are bulky work vehicles that provide wide amounts of space, perfect for fitting in permanent shelves, larger equipment and other cargo.
  • Moreover, adding extra tradie accessories such as ladder racks, toolboxes and more, makes vans the perfect mobile office while moving between jobs.

Disadvantages of Vans

  • Side and back access is more difficult given that you need to open doors for load access and may have to enter the bulkhead to find what you need.
  • Vans are generally more awkward to drive. The larger frame also means that there are also more blind spots.
  • Most vans aren’t designed for large crew transportation, with extra passenger seats often being served as an optional addition.

Ultimately, tradie vans are a great way to transport large amounts of cargo and equipment safely. While vans don’t necessarily look “cool”, they are an efficient and practical work vehicle. If you are an electrician, courier or plumber, the van is the perfect option to keep your business moving along.

Whether you’re looking for a ute or a van, TradieSpec is equipped to find the right tradie vehicle that’ll ensure you won’t miss a day of work. Get in touch with us today for a whole range of tradie vehicle options.

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