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Control Business Costs with a Rental Ute Fleet

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Tradies in Australia have been facing extraordinary pressures these past few years. From a global pandemic to an exponential increase in both demand for trade work and material costs, there is probably several areas from where your income has been drained. However, none has perhaps the largest drain on your finances than your work vehicles. Fortunately, at TradieSpec, our ute rental plans cover most of the usual costs, offering a great alternative to buying work vehicles for your fleet. This means you’ll have more freedom to keep your business on the road.


Why Are Business Fleets So Expensive?

Owning and maintaining your own fleet of work vehicles can quickly break your budget. While businesses can claim reductions on certain expenses such as fuel, the individual nature of utes in tradie businesses means that these costs can fluctuate wildly. The wide range of expenses alongside overall supply shortages in the tradie industry makes it difficult to balance finances consistently.


What is Flexible Ute Rental?

Flexible ute rental plans offer a great alternative to outright purchasing a new vehicle or having to commit to a long-term loan. A weekly direct debit payment ensures that you’ll continue to have regular access to a work vehicle without any surprises. The flexibility of these rental plans also extends to the contract periods, with 3-12 month options allowing you to make the most of the ute only when required for your business.


Advantages of FlexiRent

The TradieSpec FlexiRent service is specifically designed to ensure that tradies can efficiently manage business finances while still being able to transport themselves and their equipment uninterrupted.

There are several advantages to choosing a FlexiRent Ute for your work vehicle fleet:

  • The ute can be optioned with work vehicle accessories such as toolboxes, ladders racks and a toolbar depending on your business needs.
  • All registration, insurance and servicing are included in the rental costs.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance is available to all clients.
  • There’s no need for finance checks or approval.
  • Flexible contract lengths are perfect for new or temporary employees.
  • You can add your business signage to the vehicle.
  • You can extend your contract once the original term is finished.


TradieSpec’s Ute Rental Options

Make the most of your work vehicle fleet with our host of rental ute models and options. We currently offer both single-cab and dual-cab utes across the Toyota Hilux Workmate, Ford Ranger and Next-Gen Ford Ranger.

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